One Piece

 This season my favourite piece it’s definitely been the overalls. Besides the super casual ones this is my newest purchase of a more dressy elegant but fun one:) Super happy and satisfied with this purchase!!! What is your fav piece of the summer?

Retro Vibe

 So this shoot it was probably the fastest and easiest one compare to all my others i’ve done. It literally happened pretty quick, like 1,2,3 …and just because it was done by a great photographer that i know for a while but it just never happened before…
The second exciting thing is that i finally worn this vintage Versace shirt that i bought it a while ago and never took it out , but i knew since i saw it on the rack that’s gonna be perfect for spring/summer posts. Absolutely loving all the colors on it, no matter what nail polish or lipstick i have on it’s just mixes right…. ah, and the gold details , can’t see it in the pictures but they are there:)

Easy Breezy

 So recently i got back from the Bahamas , been there for couple of days before my birthday:) Here is my very first day in Nassau , didn’t wait to long to go and explore the island… Just right after the airport and checking in i was out and about.
For traveling and especially airports i choose easy comfy outfits, not to many accessories , belts or any other extra stuff to bother at the security check points. This dress is just so perfect and comfortable that i think i’m gonna place it as number one on my traveling wardrobe list:)

Doggies On The Catwalk

Last week i had the opportunity to attend the 6th annual Doggies on the Catwalk event. My other love besides fashion are dogs, don’t have one yet but i absolutely adore them. This event was a great opportunity to surround myself with the furry cuties and support a great cause.


 Overalls are back babe!!! This is a must have for this spring/summer….I haven’t worn one of these probably since middle school:) I’m sure lots of you still might have it, so guess what ?! you definitely can wear and restyle it again. How?  during the day running around in a pair of sneakers and at night throw a blazer on and your favorite heels:) Double deal!!!! Stay fabulous!!!!!